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Offers from Hotel Schwangau "Gasthof am See"

Offers from Hotel Schwangau "Gasthof am See"

Our package deals for 2018 are:


from 02.02.2018 to 18.03.2018

from 14.04.2018 to 22.04.2018

from 14.10.2018 to 25.11.2018

In our house you can let your mind wander. Extensive sauna visits or a treat in our restaurant are just right for an evening in the Allgäu.

  • From   4 nights 1 night free
  • From   7 nights 1 night free   + 1 thermal bath ticket
  • From 14 nights 2 nights free + 1 thermal bath ticket 


This offer applies only to the specified period.

We are looking forward to welcoming you.

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