History from "Hotel Gasthof am See"

The first historic appearance of our house is in 1896. In this year, the purchase by Mr. Xaver Zimmermann was documented.

History from "Hotel Gasthof am See"

A year later, in 1897, the former owner of the Weinbauer Restaurant, Mr. Gaudenz Steiner, acquired the property.


He managed the house for about 9 years. In 1906, he sold the property to Friedrich Count Eckbrecht of Durkheim. He gave the house the name "Pelican".


Mr. Sebastian Unhoch acquired the property in 1909 through bartering with the Count.


Another 8 years later, in 1935, the leaseholders of the Tegelberg mountain hut, Ottilie and Max Schneidberger sen., acquired the agriculture operation with restaurant.


Another milestone in the history of the house was the year 1954. This is the year that Lake Forggensee was created. An artificial reservoir which was built to support the flood protection area.


In 1967, Max Schneidberger sen. and his wife Ottilie handed the Gasthof Waltenhofen over to their son Max Schneidberger jun. and his wife Annelies.

In 1982, Max Schneidberger jun.

In 1982, Max Schneidberger jun. and his wife Annelies decided to expand the restaurant into a hotel. At the same time, the agriculture operations were shut down.


In December 1998, the Gasthof am See was handed over from Max Schneidberger jun. and his wife Annelies to their son Rainer Schneidberger. Since that day, Rainer Schneidberger and his wife Astrid have been running the business together.


From 1998 until today, the premises of the gastronomy experienced numerous rebuilding measures. In the fall of 2011, the existing rooms of the hotel were completely renovated.


The daughters Melanie and Eva-Maria Schneidberger are working in the business since 2001 and 2005 and wish to continue the family tradition in the future.

Schneidberger Family
Schneidberger Family
Schneidberger Family

And the daughters are supported by the next generation already waiting in the wings.