A little taste from our menu

Appetizers and soups

  • Honeydew melon slices                                  6.40 €
    with raw ham served with butter and toast
  • King prawns on skewers                                8.90 €
    cooked in herb garlic oil and served with toast
  • French onion soup                                          4.50 €
  • Goulash soup                                                  4.30 €
    with toast

Tasty pork dishes

  • Allgäu Style skewer                                                      14.40 €
    with fried grated potatoes, cheese sauce
  • Schnitzel "Swiss Style”                                                12.90 €
    mit pommes frites
  • Cordon Bleu                                                                  15.80 €
    with French fries
  • Loin of pork in Calvados cream sauce                          17.00 €
    with croquettes

Tender veal dishes

  • Veal schnitzel with cream sauce                                 14.20 €
    with vegetables and homemade noodles
  • Veal steak "Savoyard"                                                  18.20 €
    with mushrooms topped with a pear and
    gratinated with blue cheese served
    with homemade pasta
  • Wiener Schnitzel                                                          15.20 €
    with French fries

Delicious beef dishes

  • Roast with onion sauce                                     € 15.20
    served with vegatables and french fries 
  • Rump steak with fresh garlic                           € 17.50
    with fried grated potatoes
  • Parisian pepper steak "from the loin"             € 18.90
    with fried grated potatoes
  • Fillet steak with herb butter                            € 21.70
    served with croquettes

Fine turkey dishes

  • Slices of turkey breast                                                                        € 13.80
    in curry cream sauce with fruit and almond rice
  • Turkey schnitzel "Ticino Style”                                                          € 13.80
    gratinated with tomato and cheese, served with rice

Something different?

  • Breaded vegan schnitzel (from soya)             € 11.80
    served with french fries 
  • Salad plate with vegan natur filet strips        € 10.20

Fish specialties

  • Fresh mountain trout "au bleu" or trout "Meuniere"      € 15.00
    with melted butter and boiled potatoes
  • Poached walleye fillet on dill cream sauce                      € 17.80
    served with boiled potatoes
  • Soused herring fillet "home-style"                                     € 9.80
    served with boiled potatoes
  • Roasted walleye fillet "Berlin Style”                                 € 17.80
    served with boiled potatoes

Dishes without meat

  • Homemade vegetable lasagna                             € 8.80
  • Homemade spinach and cheese dumplings       € 10.30
    with cheese sauce

We also serve salads, egg dishes, toasts and snacks. For our younger guests we have a children's menu, and we also offer smaller portions for seniors.

In our confectionery the tastiest seductions are created, from icy dreams to homemade cakes and pies.


All prices (subject to change!) are inclusive of VAT.